Levitt Pavilion Dayton

Dayton is home to a fantastic, free outdoor concert venue that I frequently attend during the warm months. I was thrilled when I was approached to create their annual fund mailer. I was provided with incredible, high-quality photographs that had been taken throughout the concert season. The Levitt has existing brand guidelines, so I worked within the parameters. However, I was also able to add elements of my personal approach to specific areas: the color bands in the headlines, text overlays and the bullet-point listing of membership levels. My client loved the end result!
United Way of the Blue Mountains

I was contracted to produce a series of data visualizations (or infographics) for a ‘data walk’—a community event for parents, teachers and school administrators examining educational attainment of students compared to other districts and the state data. I designed six sets of three data visualizations per district based on the information that the United Way of the Blue Mountains pulled. I stayed within the branding guidelines of the United Way, yet created something that was fresh and lively. I was also tasked with redesigning the education pages on their website. I laid out the initial designs in Figma and shared them for approval. I created original work for the banners and additional infographics, and sourced images.
Editorial Design
During my tenure at the Dayton Art Institute, I created many multi-page magazines, brochures and catalogues. The museum produced a print magazine in past years, but starting in about 2016, we switched to a digital-only version. Taking copy provided by the various departments— which was proofed by the Marketing Manager— and combining them with photos that support the narrative, I created the magazine and uploaded to Issuu. The link is embedded in member newsletter emails and on the website.
I created the editorial layout of our annual Community Report, various rack cards for special exhibitions and programs, and other materials. 

You can see a full listing of magazines and other media that I have created starting in 2015 through June of 2022 at the museum's Issuu account.

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